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I may have a stalker again.

That would make the third time in three years (and the fourth in my lifetime), and would mean I’ve covered three of the five “types”, in this case: rejected, resentful, and predatory.

At this point, I’ve experienced this process often enough to be able…

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In 1933, in the wake of the Great Depression, the US federal government passed a comprehensive policy package that was the making of the modern middle class.

All policy packages are based on an implicit theoretical framework — about who is valuable and who is not, and what they deserve…

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It goes almost without saying that there’s a particular response to marginalization and abuse that twists people up and boxes them in.

It comes partially from the fact that we take evidence in from our environment — so if you live in an environment that is biased, and which enacts…

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So, there’s a bit of a moral panic going on.

People are worriedthat there might be “too many” trans people. In particular, people are concerned that too many AFAB people might be trans.

Articles like this suggest that trans-identification is crowding out, or substituting for, lesbian identification among queer women.

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A strange thing happened to me during the pandemic — I got afraid of the night.

Normally, night is a time I like. The world releases it’s hold a little — you hear the birds, and the bugs, and the voices. In fact, the dark is not really dark in…

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Feminism, or the Woman’s Movement if you want, goes in waves. It goes in waves between theoretical frameworks, but it also goes in waves between the politics of liberation and the politics of control.

Like any movement that’s meant to be emancipatory, feminism runs up against the challenge of creating…


Maybe not.

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